Road Warrior Toolboxes

In Store Pick Up Only! - FOB Van Nuys, California.


The METAL Road Warrior tool boxes swing out from the back of the cab enabling you to avoid climbing up and down the frame of the truck while grabbing your chains and binders. No need to hoist 80 pounds of chains up and down the truck when you can safely do it standing on the ground. No risk of slipping or back injury struggling with heavy gear especially in the rain and snow. Boxes swing out 90 degrees with easy access to chain hangers. Wide doors grant you unfettered access to your gear and are returned to the travel position tucked behind the cab.

 Grade 8 steel construction steel tube frame and locks. Available in black or white. Easy installation with 4 U bolts. OHSA approved. Custom paint jobs available for additional charge. Wholesale orders available by calling 866-262-6653 in America or 403-978-8661 in Canada. Email