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03/10/22 - 
The METAL Family lost another GIANT and Prince of a man Brad Fagerstrom USMC Retired due to the wuhan virus. Brad slugged it out in Vietnam for two tours including Tet as an RTO with the 3/4 Marines. Upon returning to America Brad became a lawyer and veterans crusader in California and married his sweet heart of 40 years Mary. After 45 years in California Brad and Mary were walking on air when they moved to Sachse, Texas where they joined several veterans and 2nd Amendment groups in the Dallas area. He commented ".........people are so friendly here." Brad enjoyed his last 4 years on the planet taking in the Texas way of life and how many common sense folk were out there. A delight to hang out with and a GIANT for his service to America he will never be forgotten for his selflessness. Would like to thank the Marine Corps Honor Guard in Dallas for his funeral, looking after Mary and the 21 gun salute to the old Leatherneck. RIP Marine, you can put your rifle down.
Brad Fagerstrom USMC
Brad Fagerstrom USMC



03/29/21 - 

March 29th is Vietnam Veterans Day as designated by former President Trump on this day in 2017. It is a national holiday saluting the immeasurable suffering and sacrifice by these combat GIANT's. Much maligned and despised these patriots fought under the worst conditions saddled by the worst military leaders and civilian leaders that have soiled our great Military. Today we pay tribute to the bravest of the brave in all 4 branches that toiled in that mess of a war. They will all be seated next to God and can never thank them enough. God Bless you beloved SOB's.



03/17/21 - 

On December 4th last year former President Trump signed a declaration upgrading the late Alwyn Cashe's Silver Star award to the Medal of Honor.  Sergeant First Class Alwyn Cashe lost his life in November, 2005 fighting in Iraq. His unit, the 15th Regiment of the 3rd Infantry Division was on patrol when his Bradley Fighting Vehicle was struck by a terrorist IED. The Bradley immediately burst into flames exacerbated by the fuel tank exploding, further increasing the ferociousness of the fire. Abandoning all concern for his own safety and covered in diesel the NCO Infantryman immediately roared into action pulling his squad mates out of the burning Bradley. Sergeant First Class Cashe rescued 6 soldiers while he was on fire himself. Sadly the bravest of the brave died of his burns a few weeks later along with 3 of the Infantrymen he pulled out of the Bradley.

Most cannot wrap their heads around this un-quantifiable bravery from these GIANTS and we will never forget their sacrifice. Rest easy GIANT and enjoy your time next to God.

Alwyn Cashe



12/03/20 - 

Sergeant Major Thomas Patrick Payne joins the most exclusive club on the planet by earning the Medal of Honor for his heroics in Iraq. Going by his middle name Patrick the Sergeant Major is in the Army's top secret anti-terrorist unit Delta Force. Payne was deployed in Iraq assisting the Kurds in northern Iraq near a town named Hawija when word came down that 75 Kurd prisoners were about to be slaughtered in a makeshift ISIS prison. After drilling and drawing up a raid to free the prisoners the Delta Team along with Kurdish commandos executed a night time raid on the compound October 22, 2015.

As soon as these GIANT's hit the ground gunfire and hand to hand combat broke out while the liberators fought their way to the compound. Realizing they were no match for Delta Force the mouth-breathing savages immediately set the buildings on fire to burn the prisoners alive. Payne and his team fought their way inside the buildings while blasting doors open and using bolt cutters to get to the doomed Kurds. Freeing the hostages the Delta operators formed a human wall to protect the Kurds while they high tailed it out of their prison. The Delta GIANT's wiped out the entire ISIS rat's nest while sadly losing Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler in the raid. Master Sergeant Wheeler was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his bravery.

Sergeant Major Payne recalls the tears in the eyes of the prisoners they freed as they were rustled out of the burning buildings in bare feet. Cannot imagine a greater satisfaction in what these GIANT's did. The Sergeant becomes the first living member of Delta Force to receive America's top honor. We pray for our beloved troops and hope they stay out of harm's way where ever they are stationed. God Bless You GIANT.

Sergeant Major Thomas Patrick Payne



10/16/20 - 

Months ago we reported another GIANT receiving the Medal of Honor for his minding taxing bravery. Sadly Army Special Forces Staff Sergeant Ronald Shurer lost his toughest battle with cancer. Tough to wrap your head around him slugging it out with so many bottom feeding savages and surviving the hell of combat only to lose to cancer. The Alaska commando died at the age of 41 leaving behind his wife Miranda and two children. Put your rifle down Staff Sergeant your work is done. God Bless You GIANT and Rest in Peace.

Staff Sergeant Shurer and Orange Mussolini



03/26/20 - 

Wishing safe travels and interaction during this miserable crisis. Thankfully we are blessed with the most talented, dedicated, doctors, nurses, care givers, researchers and drug companies in the universe who are doing biblical work in fighting this flu. METAL has you all in our prayers and our gratitude.

On a much happier note two more GIANT's were added to the war heroes hall of immeasurable bravery after being awarded the Medal of Honor for their heroics in Afghanistan. Originally awarded the Silver Star Master Sergeant Matthew Williams had it upgraded to the Medal of Honor along with another Green Beret commando and team mate Staff Sergeant Ronald Shurer for the same battle. The Special Forces team inserted into an enemy village at a staggering 10,000 feet where a high value rat was targeted in the Shok Valley. Upon landing by helicopter the Special Forces along with their Afghan comrades took immediate enemy fire. The battle waged for eight hours while the badly outnumbered allies took demonic fire from the terrorists forcing them to a hundred foot cliff where they were pinned down. The Special Forces GIANT's called in seventy air strikes to pulverize the enemy with F-15's, A-10's, Apache gunships even a massive B-1 bomber which eventually vaporized the enemy. In the course of the battle both Shurer and Williams braved enemy machine guns and rockets to save and treat both American and Afghan soldiers while dismissing all concerns about their own well being. Both were awarded their medals at the White House.

Since this action took place Staff Sergeant Shurer retired from the Army only to find out he has stage 4 lung cancer. Without question we are doing double time praying for his recovery against this nasty ass disease and hope this stud of a GIANT can beat it into submission. We urge all of you to give to any cancer organizations and treatment centers in their quest to eliminate it for good. 

As always if you see a GIANT, thank a GIANT. God Bless all of you. Stay safe.




08/28/19 - 

Another incredible time in Alaska for the annual clean shores program. Blessed with perfect weather and the fishing was gi-scandalous. Big Foot did not shoot off any of his thumbs either this trip. A big thank you to all that came on the trip near the south end of Montague Island. Fisherman or not I recommend to everyone to get out to the Kenai Peninsula and Prince William Sound for the mountains, glaciers, killer whales and dolphins. There is probably no place on earth quite as spectacular as Alaska.

A big rallying cry for Eli (Bubba) Aldoff who is showing the METAL flag at the X Games in Norway. Involved with some dirt bike riding we cannot recommend to anyone but wish him the best in the games.

Staff Sergeant David Bellavia 


Another Medal of Honor was awarded to Army GIANT Staff Sergeant David Bellavia of the 1st Infantry Division recently at the White House. Thankfully this time the recipient was alive to receive the honor. The Sergeant's award was upgraded from the Silver Star for his bravery in Iraq in 2004. Sergeant Bellavia was involved in clearing out buildings in the dead end city of Fallujah while engaged in some of the most demonic house to house battles of the war. After his squad took causalities from a well entrenched enemy vowing to fight to their death Staff Sergeant Bellavia entered the last of the unsecured buildings pulling out the wounded and meticulously extinguishing all enemy threats. This included rifle butting a terrorist to death; and choking two others to death. Bellavia was eventually joined by five platoon mates that witnessed his bravery. A big hell yeah and a big thank you for your thankless service to America. God Bless GIANT.





05/02/19 - 

 Want to salute another GIANT that earned the Medal of Honor in Iraq in 2007. Sadly Staff Sergeant Travis Atkins lost his life in the process of receiving America's highest combat award. Staff Sergeant Atkins was with the Army's 10th Mountain Division deployed in Iraq in June of 2007. On a routine security mission in the town of Abu Sarnak their team wrangled up some local dead enders for internment when one of these dopes resisted. He attacked the Staff Sergeant and the two engaged in hand to hand combat. The NCO soon realized that the POS was trying to set off his suicide vest. The infantryman instinctively charged the loser slamming him to the ground. The rat's explosives went off killing Staff Sergeant Atkins. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for shielding his squad from injury and death. His citation was upgraded 12 years later to the Medal of Honor and was posthumously awarded to him at the White House on March 27th with his son Trevor and parents in attendance. 

Staff Sergeant Atkins was a native of Bozeman, Montana and a student at the University of Montana. As we approach Memorial Day we all need reminding that this is what the day is about. Young studs like this that are gone and only can observe earth from the great beyond. Always keep these GIANTS in your thoughts and prayers.



11/19/18 - 

The METAL wants to salute another dynamic Army GIANT who was recently awarded the country's highest honor; the Medal of Honor. Staff Sergeant Ronald Shurer II with the 3rd Special Forces Group was stationed in Afghanistan and out on a raid for high value targets in Shok Valley with Special Operations Task Force 33. His unit was informed of another Forward Assault Unit that was pinned down near the base of a mountain. Shurer and his team came to the aid of the besieged unit where Sergeant Shurer came to the aid of a wounded soldier who took shrapnel in the neck. Shurer pressed on fighting multiple terrorists soiling the area that had their brother unit pinned down. After killing several hate filled haters Staff Sergeant Shurer came to the aid of four American commandos and ten injured Afghan soldiers. In the process of saving their lives the Sergeant was hit once in the head and once in the arm during the battle. Pressing on the enemy was crushed and Sergeant Shurer was awarded the Silver Star. Now a decade later his award was upgraded to the Medal of Honor where President Trump awarded it to him October 1st. We salute this dynamic, fearless GIANT and American stud of a man.


On a more somber story another American GIANT did not fare as well as Staff Sergeant Shurer. Major Brent Taylor, of the Utah National Guard and the former mayor of North Ogden was killed in Afghanistan while supporting that country's elections. The Major was assigned to an Intelligence Unit and was thrilled to support that country's democratic efforts as well as hunting down terrorist opponents of liberty and freedom. Sadly the Major leaves behind a wife and seven children. A Go Fund Me page has been set up to support this fallen GIANT's family. The link is below and we urge everyone to donate no matter how little. RIP GIANT and thank you for your sacrifice.

Click here to support Major Brent Taylor Family Fund organized by Audra Owens




09/11/18 - 

After a 20 year struggle I have finally completed a book about the Vietnam War. It is a book based on the actual events of the war starting in 1960 through to our country's withdrawal from it in 1975. It has fictional characters in the real battles of the war woven into this tale of the Vietnam experience. Follow the mindset of idealistic soldiers who want to stomp out communism and liberate Vietnam only to be blocked by feckless, cowardly leadership that did support the line grunts. Look into the minds of LBJ, Nixon and the Joint Chiefs and judge for yourself who cost us so many lives and the eventual fall of Vietnam. The book covers all the historical battles from 1965 on as well as the statistics of troop strength in country as well as the deaths suffered by the combat GIANTS. A new perspective on the Vietnam War 43 years after its conclusion. It is on sale on the METAL site along with Amazon.





05/07/18 - 

For Memorial Day we want to salute a fallen Marine Sky Mote from Eldorado Hills, California that gave his life in Afghanistan in 2012. Staff Sergeant Mote was brought to our attention as congressman Tom McClintock, Mote's representative pushed through legislation to have a nearby mountain renamed Sky Point in his honor. Staff Sergeant Mote grew up near the Sierra Nevada mountains and loved spending his early days in the area. 

After the heroic Marine died in combat he received the Navy Cross for his bravery. The newly named Sky Point is a massive 11,240 foot mass of splendor that will forever memorialize the brave GIANT who so selflessly gave his life for America. Staff Sergeant Mote was with the 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion who are GIANTS among GIANTS. Forever in our prayers. Please keep the fallen and their families in your prayers.




04/02/18 - 

The METAL crew had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Nascar race with the Leavine Family Race team recently in Fontana, California. In addition to team owner Bob Leavine, the team members of the 95 race team are some of the most gracious, kind people we have ever met. Still blushing from the platinum privileges we enjoyed with them, we wish them a load of METAL success in this season of racing. Cannot thank you guys enough for the warm hospitality you provided and look forward to our next get together.

Best wishes to our beloved troops and Happy Easter to all our magnificent Servicemen and Servicewomen. Stay safe all you beloved GIANTS.



03/05/18 - 

A great big heck yeah out to former Marine GIANT John Canley who is about to be awarded the Medal of Honor. Sergeant Major Canley duked it out with the blood thirsty NVA in 1968 in the battle of Hue which goes down in US military history as one of the fiercest battles the Marine Corps has been engaged in. The Sergeant Major's award was originally the Navy Cross and now some 50 years later it has been upgraded to a most deserving Leatherneck. God Bless and Semper Fi GIANT. Keep these sacred warriors in your prayers. 



10/19/17 - 

A big salute and acknowledgement to former North Hollywood resident Captain Gary Michael Rose. A lifetime ago Captain Mike as he was known in Vietnam was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his immeasurable bravery in a four day battle in Laos/North Vietnam. A member of a legendary SOG Company that performed ultra classified missions during the Vietnam War in which Captain Rose earned his award as a medic. As part of Operation Tailwind his SOG Company battled it out with blood thirsty communist NVA and Laotian forces that out numbered his unit. The ensuing engagement lasted four days where at the time Sergeant Rose Rose sustained several wounds along with several SOG operators and Montagnard soldiers. Under constant attack the entire four days the severely wounded Captain Rose treated his team mates until Marine helicopters finally evacuated them out of the area. While airborne their Huey was hit and crashed where again Captain Rose treated the Marine crew until another chopper picked them up and flew them to safety. 

Fast forward 47 years and after unrelenting pressure on the Department of Defense by his fellow GIANTS Captain Rose is getting his DSC medal upgraded to the Medal of Honor on October 23rd at the White House. Our gratitude goes out to Captain Mike for his service and bravery and all of the Vietnam War GIANTS. God Bless you guys.





07/14/17 - 

Another wonderful time with METAL's annual Clean Shores Program in Alaska. This time we made an unforced error in Prince William Sound and found the METAL PBR running low on fuel out in the middle of nowhere. A well groomed, svelte METAL head informed us of a small fishing community in the area called Chenega where we could get gas. Scouring the town for fuel we were directed to a ship in the bay called the F/V Bering Sea. No fooling, this ship was like a floating hardware store which also gave us some desperartely needed gas. I will state again, that the gracious owners of the Bering Sea GAVE us gas. After getting fueled up Ginger and Chase Harris, the owners of the fishing/supply ship gave us fuel and anything else we needed and sent us on our way. Their immeasureable kindness is absolutely scandalous and will not be forgotten. Can't thank you two enough as their were some nervous folks on the boat. If anyone is in the area fishing or boating give these two saints a hello. God Bless both of you and safe travels on the ocean. 

Below is the F/V Bering Sea based in Homer, Alaska.




06/26/17 - 

A big heck yeah and salute to ARMY Master Sergeant and GIANT and Medal of Honor recipient Leroy Petry for his tireless work with combat wounded GIANT's. With his tireless effort he has been creating a housing subdivision for wounded GIANT's near Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland. The ARMY Ranger has worked on the project for several years since his retirement and has already constructed 7 homes for wounded GIANT's like himself. God Bless you all.

The METAL Alaska Naval summer has begun and once again we invite all veterans to contact METAL if they are interested in fishing trips in Prince William Sound. Help us clean out the ocean of top flight salmon, halibut and black bass. It is of no cost to veterans and you get to experience the most breath taking scenery in the world. Even if you do not catch any fish you can take in the killer whales, hump backs, dolphins and perhaps even untangle a wayward whale in a fish net where a couple of METAL employees had done previously.

The METAL would also like to report that several lawsuits involving fraudulent METAL knock offs made in foreign countries have been resolved. Please remember if it does not say Made in the USA on a METAL apparel product then it is fraudulent. METAL will never turn its back on the country by manufacturing any of its products outside of the USA. It still means something and we keep all the jobs local. Thank a GIANT and have a safe METAL summer.



02/09/17 - Thanks to all the METAL heads that showed up to the METAL booth at the Super Bowl. Was a great event for us along with an incredible game. Great turn out by all the GIANTs that attended the game. Sorry for your loss Atlanta that was a tough one. And all you Texas natives were great, truly wonderful people.

The METAL has just added another military charity to the links page. It's Wounded Warriors of Canada. We have sent some money out to these beloved Canadian GIANT's and encourage all the METAL heads in Canada to do the same. Even as our war against terrorism winds down these combat veterans still need our help both here and Canada.

Keep the GIANTs in your prayers and give them a hell yea or what's crackin' when you see these uber-brave servicemen and women.



10/10/16 - To all the METAL heads in the New York City area we urge you to attend or donate to the tribute for our beloved Army Special Forces. It is on November 16th sponsored and organized by the Green Beret Foundation saluting our beloved Army GIANT's that are or have served in Special Forces. It is at 1356 Broadway in New York City. Skip the goofy theater shows and attend this instead and meet the elite of the Army GIANT's. If you cannot attend please donate to the group, their web site is GREENBERETFOUNDATION.ORG. There is not a better group to help these selfless, dynamic, fearless commando's in their post service lives. The group helps financially and with these GIANT's medical care. 



08/29/16 - I understand not many of you METAL heads watched the Olympics but would like to point out an individual that deserves our praise and respect. Army GIANT 2nd Lieutenant Sam Kendricks tore it up in the pole vault and won the Bronze medal. I know a young officer has his hands full as a new GIANT and salute him for finding the time to train for his sport. A job well done L-T and be safe when you're deployed. That goes to all of you GIANT's.



08/10/16 - Thanks to all the METAL Heads for the overwhelming response to the 2017 Free Birds. They are our fasting selling men's jeans ever and thanks for supporting the American Made. The extra sexy girls are out of the METAL laboratory and should be available for sale in a few weeks. Be warned you red hot METALicious babes will be getting an inordinate amount of attention wearing them. Get your pepper spray and restraining orders ready. Stretch denim with the Free Bird available in gold or white trim.

Hockey and football season coming up soon so if the Kings, Flyers and Redskins want back in the Wolf Pack they had better start winning some title belts. METAL and America can't be supporting any ne'er do wells. Thanks again to all the peeps that helped with the METAL Alaska Clean Shores Program. A huge success but none of the crew untangled any whales this year. Be careful out their little sea buddies.

As our sacred troops are still in active combat zones keep them in your prayers. Always thank them for their selfless service including our retired GIANT's who have made America so great. Be safe out there you beloved motherXXXXXXXX.



03/23/16 - Another Navy GIANT has been awarded the Medal of Honor for mind numbing bravery in Afghanistan. Senior Chief Edward Byers Jr. with SEAL Team 6 was involved with a hostage rescue mission to liberate an American doctor and two Afghan associates kidnapped by Taliban dead enders. Military Intelligence determined their fate was death and they were given the green light to get them out. The Ohio native breached the black dungeon they were being held in Laghman Province along with his team mates and freed the hostages. Taking fire the Navy GIANT took out a couple of the hostage takers while throwing his body in front of the doctor protecting him from Taliban bullets. While saving the doctors life he grabbed another POS hostage taker by the throat until another SEAL dispatched him to hell. Senior Chief Byers has nine combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and his only injury is throwing out his back carrying too much brass on his chest. God Bless you GIANT and our beloved Navy.

Due to overwhelming demand for our 2017 Free Bird jeans we are pleased to announce that a woman's version is coming out next month. Doc Frankenstein is working overtime in the lab to get an all American built version for all you sexy kittens out there. SSSShhhhhhhhhh the METAL's got you.

Our GIANT's are still involved in combat so keep them in your prayers and thank them for their selfless service.


11/04/15 - Happy 240th Birthday to our beloved Marine Corps. An oooo-rahhhhh to our Marine Corps GIANTS keeping America safe and strong. A huge thank you to all our military GIANT's the following day, November 11. God Bless all of you beloved motherXXXXXX's and life takers for your bravery and selfless courage. Give the troops a hell yeah when you see them, this country would not exist without out them.

Another huge salute to the latest Army GIANT to receive our nations top honor. Captain Florent Groberg of the 4th Infantry Division will be receiving the Medal of Honor for his mind numbing bravery in Afghanistan. The beloved Captain spotted a suicide bombing POS about to detonate his bomb when Captain Groberg tackled the dead ender. The idiot still got the bomb off but the majority of the blast went to the ground saving close to 30 fellow GIANT's and Afghan National Army troops. The detonation set off another bomb about to go off at the same time from another dead ender that was trying to kill more of our sacred war hero's. The premature detonation saved several more lives by Captain Broberg's bravery. The country is in awe of a GIANT like Captain Groberg.......God Bless You for your staggering bravery.


08/18/15 - A big "Get Some!" to our latest Wolf Pack member Brennan Ward as he crushed his MMA opponent in under a minute in his latest brawl. Though we would have enjoyed a longer bout we appreciate Brennan expeditiously wrapping up his fight to go hang out with the east coast METAL crew.

As previously announced on our Facebook page the METAL is setting up the METAL PBR in Alaska for use to all veterans. It will be stationed throughout the year in Whittier and made available to all the GIANT's in 4 day increments. We hope that we allow as many GIANT's the availability of the boat throughout the season whether that be for fishing or touring Prince William Sound and the surrounding areas. The bookings will be handled through On Behalf of a Grateful Nation which is on our links page. It is available on a first come basis starting in the new year.

Again thank all the GIANT's where ever you may come across them in your travels. They are a gift to America and the world and we will never thank them enough for their selfless service.



05/20/15 - Just a heads up to the METAL heads that Memorial Day is about honoring the fallen GIANT's. We reserve Veterans Day for honoring our living GIANT's. This is the most sacred day of the year in that it's a time of respect, reflection and honoring on all the men and women of our beloved country that gave their lives for us. They are no longer here to bitch about the weather, if the pants make your ass look big, if they are planning to go to the Hamptons or the cable doesn't work. They're gone and will always remain so for their bravery and service to America. It is a day of mourning and a day of celebration that we as a country are blessed by so many dynamic men and women that were prepared to and did die for us. A special thank you goes out to the families of the fallen as you as parents raised such incredible children. Appreciate their loss on this day.

 A congratulations goes out to Wolf Pack member Brandon Halsey after he whaled on some tomato can to retain his belt. Stay posted here for his next fight as he goes for his tenth consecutive win. God Bless our fallen GIANT's.



04/22/15 - We were recently informed that Stevie Nicks has made the most visits by a musician to our combat injured and wounded at hospitals across America than any other rock star. This is not a simple matter of charity concerts or giving money, this is her physically driving to our military hospitals and talking to wounded servicemen and women. I am going to guess she is too modest and selfless to toot her horn about her incredible generosity and how much that means to our wounded GIANT's but we are in awe of this beautiful angel and METAL wants to nominate her for sainthood. A massive hell yea to Miss Nicks and we thank you for your larger than Texas heart. 

Disappointed to report Wolf Pack members the Los Angeles Kings did not make the playoffs and obviously will not get a crack at defending their title belt. Good try fella's and good luck next year.

Want to again remind the southern California METAL heads to get to Temecula May 15th to watch the Champ Brandon Halsey defending his MMA title belt. A great fighter and our newest Wolf Pack member.

As always if you see our beloved GIANT's anywhere give them a well deserved thank you for their sacrifice and bravery. This is also applicable to the ever so gracious Stevie Nicks who has given so much to our combat wounded GIANT's.



03/31/15 - METAL Jeans, The American Made-American Worn apparel and lifestyle company is proud to announce the latest member of the METAL Wolf Pack: Brandon Halsey. Brandon is fighting May 15 at the Pechanga Casino in Temecula, California with the fight being broadcast on Spike TV. Brandon is the MMA Middle Weight Champion and boasts an 8 and 0 record. We invite all METAL heads in southern California to attend the event or watch it on TV and cheer for the newest member of the Wolf Pack.



02/03/2015 -Thanks for all the METAL heads that showed up at the METAL Desert Warfare Center at the Super Bowl.  Loved having Kurt Warner, Joe Montana and other football greats show up and say hi but the visits by our beloved troops was the most rewarding.  It was an excellent opportunity for all of us here to express our gratitude to every GIANT in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force.  Great turn out by the beloved GIANT's from nearby Luke Air Force Base.  God Bless all of you Airmen.

Some great METAL sport products percolating in the laboratory here in Van Nuys that should be hitting the market soon. As per the METAL standard all gear is USA manufactured unlike those death camp Chinese labor products put together by 6 year olds.  Even if you're not buying the American Made-American Worn check the labels.  Buy American products first.

Glad to hear Wolf Pack members AC/DC are on a short 2015 tour. No dates scheduled in North America with the exception of the Coachella Music Festival but will keep you METAL heads posted regarding their plans.

As always keep our GIANT's in your thoughts and prayers and do not hesitate to thank them when you see them.


10/08/14 - Long faces here at the METAL bunker as Wolf Pack member Angus Young has been diagnosed with dementia and has quit AC/DC. Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes go out to him and his family. If he is done for good the rock proletariat is going to miss him dearly.

The NHL has started and Wolf Pack member the LA Kings are looking to repeat as the champs. Hopefully the flaccid other member of the Wolf Pack the Flyers do a lot better than they did last season. Shaping up to be an interesting season and watch for one of the METAL haulers at some of the King's games this year showing the METAL guidon there.

Keep your eyes peeled for the METAL TV commercials coming to a TV near you. The METAL took years to vet the best in class actors and celebrities that measured up to the METAL standard and create the magic you will see. Turn off flop sweat channel VH1 who was too timid to broadcast the METAL commercial featuring the DOVE. This is America.......not France.

As always keep the GIANTS in your thoughts and prayers as our servicemen continue to keep our liberty and freedom safe. God Bless them irreplaceable hero's.

GIANTS that have received the Medal of Honor for their service in the ongoing war against terrorism: 

Senior Chief Edward Byers Jr. United States Navy, Laghman Province, Afghanistan 

Corporal Ryan Carpenter United States Marines Corp, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

Staff Sergeant Ty Carter United States Army, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan

Corporal Jason Dunham United States Marine Corps, Karabilah, Iraq

Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta United States Army, Korengal Valley, Afghanistan

Captain Florent Groberg United States Army, Kunar Province, Afghanistan

Private First Class Ross McGinnis United States Army, Adhamiyah, Iraq

Sergeant Dakota Meyer United States Marines Corp, Ganjgal, Afghanistan

Staff Sergeant Robert Miller United States Army, Gowardesh Valley, Afghanistan

Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael Monsoor United States Navy, Ar Ramadi, Iraq

Sergeant First Class Jared Monti United States Army, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan

Lieutenant Michael Murphy United States Navy, Asadabad, Afghanistan

Staff Sergeant Leroy Petry United States Army, Paktya, Afghanistan

Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts United States Army, Waygal Province, Afghanistan

Sergeant Clinton Romesha United States Army, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan

Sergeant First Class Paul Smith United States Army, Baghdad, Iraq

Captain William Swenson United States Army, Ganjgal, Afghanistan

Sergeant Kyle White United States Army, Aranas, Afghanistan

06/24/14 - Canadian customers can now contact us at: 403-978-8661

04/28/14 - A big heck yea out to Army GIANT, combat veteran, Army Sergeant Kyle White who for his mind taxing bravery has earned the Medal of Honor. It is to be awarded in a couple of months at the White House. We can never forget the the sacrifice and courage of these beloved GIANT's and their bravery even while our involvement wanes overseas.
Another salute to KISS who recently performed a free Veterans Only concert in Washington, D.C. recently. Needless to say the Verizon Center was packed by the grateful GIANT's who took in the three hour show. The bands generosity did not end there as all four members visited wounded combat GIANT's at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. They were all pretty choked up with their visit as they acknowledged our ongoing battle against the vermin is not cheap. As Gene Simmons pointed out we do pay a heck of a price for our freedom and it has nothing to do with money. The band went even further by donating a huge chunk of money to the Wounded Warriors Charity for that group to carry on with God's work in helping the combat GIANT's. Well done KISS...........just moved up a notch to God's right hand side.
Our prayers are out to Malcom Young of AC-DC. Not sure exactly why he was hospitalized but heard it was a stroke and he's been side lined from playing. All you METAL heads keep him in your prayers for a full and speedy recovery.
Best of luck to METAL Wolf Pack members the Philadelphia Flyers and the Los Angeles Kings. Both teams are in the playoffs and would love for them to meet for the title belt. Also a Happy Easter to all the GIANT's currently stationed overseas. On these holidays it is especially taxing on their families being separated from their loved ones. As always keep these beloved hero's in your thoughts and prayers.

02/18/14 - A big thank you to all the METAL peeps that attended the METAL Lakers fund raiser at Staples Center. Some very generous ballers contributed to several Laker ran METAL sponsored charities to keep hope alive. Some great guests and attendees that all METAL'ed Up. A special thank you to all the Laker Girls that attended and gave the METAL crew the what's crackin' and of course we all have been thinking about you.

Waiting for the word from AC/DC regarding their touring plans this year. The METAL we be on tour with them with one of the METAL haulers going to every venue with them cats throughout the America and Canada. All METAL and METAL AC/DC products will be available for sale which will include the new mens and womens jeans and active wear. Watch for any breaking news here or on our Facebook page for their concert dates.
As always a reminder that our troops are still in harms way keeping the haters at bay. Perhaps not as publicized as years earlier but our beloved Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors are still slapping around the dead enders and liberty haters. Keep them in your prayers as they are constantly in danger even while training. God Bless our beloved GIANT's.

08/23/13 - Thanks to all the patrons who came to the METAL HQ at the X-Games. Great meeting new METAL heads and we appreciate your business and support. I want to acknowledge another GIANT war hero who earned the Medal of Honor. ARMY Staff Sergeant Ty Carter for his incredible bravery in the epicenter of a nasty firefight at Out Post Keating, Afghanistan in 2009. Did not have any time to worry in the process of slapping down the enemy and rescuing several of his fellow GIANT's. God Bless you Staff Sergeant Carter.  All you METALuscious babes are invited to the METAL Jeans $25,000 contest for the hottest backside in the land. You can go to for details or contact us at Stay luscious.

06/10/13 - Tough break for Wolf Pack members the LA Kings getting knocked out of the playoffs by a sub-standard, tomato can team like the Blackhawks. Great season and look forward to their new season along with the Flyers who hopefully can get a lot better.  Great GIANT turn out for the Tough Mudder event that raised millions of dollars for veterans of all the services. The METAL favorite On Behalf Of A Grateful Nation had several GIANTS participate in the event where veterans got cold, wet and dirty in the competition. Great team effort by them especially Captain Giff and the luscious Toni Wakester where they raised thousands of dollars for wounded veterans. Of course a big thank you to all the sponsors and donors of the event who gave so graciously to the cause.  Please click onto the links on the site and pick any of the METAL approved charities that do amazing work on behalf of our beloved GIANTS. And if you cannot afford to donate to them say a prayer for them instead.

04/08/13 - Several years ago we ran some ads featuring ARMY Specialist Chris Kotch and the dilemma he went through after being nearly killed twice in Iraq. In the years that have passed he kept several of us updated regarding his continuous battle with the VA and his congressional delegation from Maine. I personally told him that dealing with those tomato cans was a bust and a complete waste of his valuable time. I suggested we could do more with the various charities METAL was supporting to raise money for him and other combat veterans. He quietly dismissed me and soldiered on. Now he has informed us that after his toiling for some five years with this high handed treatment of combat GIANT's there is pending legislation named after Chris in congress right now known as HR 604 the Chris Kotch Education Access Act. The legislation is a no-brainer and a slam dunk that no combat veteran, let alone one that was dead twice is ever denied his educational benefits due by the services. Though in a clear thinking man's standard it is a common sense proposed law that will be passed we are dealing with some loathsome scoundrels in government. I urge all METALheads to write, e-mail or fax their congressmen and senators do get behind Chris's HR 604 for the combat GIANT's.  Again I have all the confidence in the world that this will be passed but more incredible is that I know Chris and he never let up on the issue for a second. The fact that he is a war hero is almost secondary to this achievement in that it will affect millions and millions of servicemen and servicewomen for generations to come. It is an amazing illustration of how a twice dead ARMY GIANT literally came back from the dead to accomplish this feat. He hit this with two M-4's blazing and gave no quarter. I both apologize and salute you Kotch......a truly magnificent bastard.  METALheads, I can never stress enough how wonderful these GIANT's are. God Bless them all and always keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

04/04/13 - In METAL's commitment to keeping the American Made spirit alive we have opened our first cotton farm in California. The site is 400 acres of farm land that should see its first crop by fall of this year. After harvesting the cotton it will be shipped to American mills where it will then be manufactured into truly American denim for the METAL. Feel that METAL goodness in every product.  As always thank our beloved GIANT's for making America strong and safe.

11/09/12 - Thanks to all the METAL heads that gave us the what's crackin' at the SEMA show. Some colorful and enlightening peeps showed up to say hi to the METAL crew. Again, thanks for the top flight hospitality provided to us by Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Extra, extra DEE-lightful time there.  Also another thank you to all the GIANT's that showed up to the METAL FOB at the Nellis Air Show. The Marine Corps, Navy and of course the Air Force put on a gi-scandalous show for the attendees. Every tax payer should be proud of the jets, planes and helicopters that you have paid for and supplied to our beloved Armed Forces.  A big Happy 237th Birthday to our beloved Marine Corps whose accomplishments are immeasurable. God Bless you GIANT's and be safe. And Happy Veterans Day to all current and former GIANT's for your service and sacrifice. Always in our prayers and thank you for making America safe for the rest of us.

07/30/12 - Great METAL venue at the Iron Maiden Concert in Vancouver. Some super METAL heads that showed up at the METAL hauler representing some great towns including Surrey, Langley, Port Moody, Vanderhoof, Ft. St. John and Prince George. Excellent concert by a scandalous, extra dynamic band still hammering it out after 30 plus years. Thanks to everyone that showed up and patronized the METAL and yes Daddy promises a new store in the greater Vancouver area ASAP. Keep those Canadian GIANT's in your prayers too.  Keep the GIANT's in your prayers as always and thank them when you see them.

06/04/12 - METAL heads:  Congratulations to Wolf Pack member the Los Angeles Kings on winning the title belt in the NHL. A long shot even in the playoffs they breezed through all opponents with an easy beat down on the east coast tomato cans New Jersey Devils. It appeared their opposition in the finals were pre-occupied with summer vacation or something as distracting.  Another congratulations to Wolf Pack GIANT Marine combat veteran Lt. Col. Roger Charles who has written another book. It is on the incredibly sad Oklahoma City bombing and the subsequent government meddling, interference and incompetence involved with the investigation. The Colonel is a combat veteran and an infantry platoon leader in Vietnam '68 to '69 and is a Peabody Award recipient. It's title is "Oklahoma City: What The Investigation Missed and Why It Still Matters." It is written along with Andrew Gumbel.  Keep the GIANT's in your prayers as always and thank them when you see them.

04/11/12 - METAL heads:  Great METAL showing with the Dallas Stars last month with several players and Brigades of Army GIANT's that attended. The Stars are a first class operation and Dallas has a scandalous amount of extra hot super babes. hands still tremble. Sadly the Stars did not make it to the playoffs but the METAL will be poking the Flyers and Kings in the chest to get into that big title belt final. Good luck to you Wolf Pack members and thanks again to all the active duty and retired GIANT's that were there.  The METAL has opened a facility in the Canadian high country, specifically Edmonton to better serve our METAL heads up there. We look forward to especially serving the combat veteran GIANT's that are stationed in nearby Wainwright and Cold Lake, Alberta. We look to grace more of the northern METAL heads with the certified "Death Camp Free" METAL gear. A big thank you goes out to the Canadian GIANT's that are currently fighting the global haters.  Stay tuned for an event in the making Memorial Day weekend as the METAL flag will be flown in Charlotte. Working out the bugs with the Department of Defense but we are looking forward to another event honoring our bigger than life GIANT's. Don't forget to give them a hell yea and God Bless when you seem them. Always sacred.  Daddy's out.  Big Daddy

10/19/11 - METAL heads:  Thanks to all the proletariat members that showed up at Cardinals Stadium for the METAL pow wow. Especially to all the Army and Air Force GIANTS that visited us at the METAL Hauler and the METALicious babes that were such gracious hosts. I would also like to thank the NFL for their support of the event along with all the management and employees of the Arizona Cardinals that were great people that we had the opportunity to work with. Have a long face that former star quarterback Kurt Warner did not make it but he is much appreciated on the NFL Network and had his TV obligations. We are anticipating a METAL Road show in November with one of the METAL Haulers showing up in Texas either with the Cowboys or the Texans depending who is doing better in the standings. We'll keep you posted.  Looking forward to a great season of the NHL with both Wolf Pack members the Flyers and the Kings. They both look good, enjoying great early starts in the season. The METAL think tank is planning an East Coast Tour for both the NHL and NASCAR which would include several members of the Wolf Pack showing up in Philadelphia when the weather permits. Look forward to seeing some of the pride of South Philly then motoring south to Charlotte for race day. The METAL will keep you posted.  Happy to see a draw down in forces from both Afghanistan and Iraq as the families of the GIANTS have paid a dear price in their extra, extra long deployments. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you beloved veterans as well as all of your family members that suffer in your absence. Love, respect and honor the GIANTS and give them a thank you for their service and sacrifice.  Big Daddy

5/30/11 - METALheads: Just a story for Memorial Day I want to share with you that best personifies the American GIANT. Vietnam Veteran Lt. Col. Anthony (Tony) Shine USAF had escorted his youngest brother home for burial before he joined the Air Force in 1961. A huge man at six three and tipping the scales at 230 his passion was physical fitness, his favorite sport was football. Competitive, Tony relished the excitement and the discipline of the game. At the age of 11 he was struck down by polio the crippling disease America had suffered through from the twenties to the sixties. It paralyzed some, killed others.  Tony was bed ridden for months, no running, blocking or tackling. When he finally defeated the polio his body was weak and atrophied. He went through muscle transplants to restore the use of his hands as he could not even pick up a pencil. Doctors wrote him off stating he would not be able to walk normally ever again and never would he play football.  He dismissed the doctors prognosis and engaged in some of the most inspiring physical training through high school. At first he could not out run any of the cheer leaders but eventually fought of the limits placed on his body making first string on the high school football team. He later became a first stringer at Colgate University.  Even with his remarkable stamina and determination becoming a fighter pilot was beyond a long shot. His hands still had limited mobility and one was bigger than the other. Again dismissing these minor road blocks he qualified and graduated out of Fighter Pilot School in 1966. The Colonel was listed MIA after his jet crashed in Vietnam in 1972. His remains were repatriated in 1996 and interred at Arlington.  The U.S. Air Force's Top Gun Award, the Lt. Col. Anthony C. Shine Award is presented annually to the USAF fighter pilot who most exemplifies Tony's caliber of character and his professionalism in flying a tactical fighter aircraft.  This was the abridged story of Lt. Col. Shine as written by his children, Anthony W. Shine, Colleen C. Shine, Shannon Shine and their mother Bomette (Bonnie) Shine.  Big Daddy

5/15/11 - METAL heads: A big METAL hell yea to our beloved SEAL's sending Osama to meet the Devil, Stalin, Pol Pot, FDR and those male virgins he has been promising his fellow clowns that would be waiting for them. The time and dedication by the NAVY and ARMY Giants is immeasurable along with the CIA for executing this raid. God Bless everyone of those cats as their names will never be made public to accept the gratitude of a thankful nation. Always go out of your way to thank a GIANT whether they are active duty or retired. All of them have taken up arms for America and deserve our adulation.  The METAL wants to welcome Front Row Motorsports into the fold as a racing partner in NASCAR. They field a two car team in the Sprint Cup series with drivers David Gilliland and Travis Kvapil. All race fans watch for Wolf Pack bands to make an appearance at several races this year with Front Row's drivers and pit crews.  On a more down beat issue, METAL's hockey teams laid huge eggs in the NHL playoffs. Wolf Pack member the Philadelphia Flyers were again cursed for the 25th season in a row of not having a goalie. Cannot stress how important that position is. The Kings ran out of gas because of a lack of scoring. Jonathan Quick played like the Mighty Hercules but did not have enough firepower to carry the series against San Jose. Cursed with some key injuries they lost in the first round.  It appears that the METAL and one its haulers will be at several concert venues with the Mayhem tour this summer. Godsmack, Disturbed and Megadeth are on the bill and we will be vending at several designated concerts this summer. Look forward to seeing some true METAL fans come out and enjoy the latest American Made, American Worn.  There is also a chance that the METAL will be going to the biker/firewater/debauchery fest in Sturgis this summer. Dealing with some management eggheads to bring one of the most scandalous Wolf Pack bands to the Black Hills to lay down the thunder. Be the xxxx afraid. The METAL will keep you posted.  See a GIANT........thank a GIANT. Big Daddy